Megan Adams Brooks

As a young art student inspired by a love of interior design, Megan Adams Brooks began painting interiorscapes of fine homes.  Delighted by the interpretations of fabrics and patterns that emerged, and curious about printmaking and textile design, she spent the next several years studying and experimenting with materials and techniques. Today, this evolution reveals itself in her signature silk paintings and fabric designs.

Her passion for painting on silk and the subsequent unexpected challenges and happy accidents create a striking final product, similar in many ways to watercolor painting. The endlessly inventive process fulfills the artist's obsession to create, resulting in a unique method of self-expression.

In addition to Megan’s silk paintings and textile designs, her experimentation of printmaking methods and fiber techniques led to the creation of works on paper. This medium communicates expression through movement that differs from her other processes, yet reveals a finished product characteristic of her work.

Brooks’ work has been exhibited at The Dallas Contemporary and McKinney Avenue Contemporary (The MAC) in Dallas. Her paintings hang in public and private collections around the world. The Dallas-based artist received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and drawing from Southern Methodist University and a Master of Fine Arts in Fibers from the University of North Texas.

Artist's Statement

The unknown of experimenting with materials and processes is what inspires me to create. I often find the process takes over completely, leaving me little control, yet resulting in something entirely organic. Even though the result is unknown when I begin to create, I am fortunate to have an aesthetic that allows me to intuitively communicate with colors, patterns, and textures.

As an artist I don’t wake up every day with an inspiration to take into the studio. I frequently go to my studio to reflect, or pray or to find purpose in a place of solitude. More often than not, inspiration finds me here. I’m often working on multiple pieces at once, and I love how an idea spurred by one piece results in something that completes another. I approach the creative process for each medium distinctively, but they often overlap.

Each medium I work with dictates its process to a degree. I create within the parameters of what the medium allows. My works on paper are more about line than color, more about movement than interpretation. I’m exploring mixed-media on paper right now, which is an invigorating new means of expression using remnant materials from my other works. Painting on silk is the most delicate, least forgiving, and greatest color abounding medium I have worked with thus far. It allows experimentation through endless application techniques and variables. Each stage of the painting brings about unexpected results that still excite me and allow me to continue growing as an artist.

While my creative process is always evolving, I continue to be surprised by the unexpected and endless opportunities to be inspired.  Ultimately, my goal is for the viewer to find beauty and satisfaction within the chaos and imperfections of my spontaneous and sporadic mark-makings.